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Age of Asininity ⁞ Doug E.Barr

Although we still think life's a blast
Age of Entertainment
The Age of Asininity
Is where we find Humanity.

We've given 'Mother' such abuse
It seems we think she is no use.
She cries alone with no effect
To warn us all of our neglect.
Some tears no longer reach the ground;
Thus there's less water to be found.

We cut her trees which let us breathe;
And toxins in her soil we leave.
Pollution we dump in the sea
Creates huge zones where life can't be.
Where life could be not much is seen
For thoughtlessly we've stripped it clean.
Our poisons also fill the air
At rates that show we do not care.
Still offspring we give her to feed
Like she'll continue to succeed.
While risks of global warming rise
As CO2 clouds fill the skies
We put 
Economy ahead
Of forecasts that will leave us dead.

It's asinine for us to place
Life on this Economic base
So life success and failure rides
On what Economy decides.
One billion of us fail life's test,
Seventy million pad a nest,
The rest of us "fight tooth and nail"
To get ahead so we'll prevail
Despite the fact that at our end
The cash we save we cannot spend.

Consider all the ways we try
In vain to answer "Why am I?"
It matters not which ways we choose
They all oppose thus life we lose.
Some try on paths that are well trod
To fill the void with given 'God',
While others say, "I live to prove
Belief in God we should remove."
To keep minds occupied we trust
Philosophies of men now dust.
We spend on stuff without a pause.
Seek information just because.
With jobs we try to give life breath.
We eat in ways that cause our death.
For love and family we search.
Look for a peak on which to perch
Though finding it means we create
Inequity that we debate.
With drugs and booze we fog our mind,
Take all the sex that we can find,
And when we still find no relief
We fight, defending our belief.

This way creates so many fights
In our defense of 
"human rights"
That if I have to make the call,
Is the most asinine of all.
To think we actually believe
Demanding our own 'rights' won't leave
Humanity in such knots tied
Just leaves me very mystified.
Democracy gives us the choice
To speak with a divisive voice.
Self-rightness is the only tool
By which the many parties rule.
All sides have armies to be sure
Their "rights" and "values" are secure.
But what is right in killing for
Philosophies that we adore?
We're nuts to think that we are right
To love all those who join our fight
And think as well that it's ok
To hate those who don't go our way.
While this corrupted thought remains
It will continue to cause stains
From bloody fights that will persist
Until we all cease to exist.

Indeed we're truly asinine
To think our way of life is fine;
That though there's lots to fight about,
If we sit tight life will work out.
We're in a race that time might win.
Who knows if losing is a sin?
There is no way that we can tell.
My guess is though it will be hell
Unless our thoughts we rearrange
To make this necessary change:
Each individual must thrive
To have Humanity survive.

Beliefs we have but just cause strife
We must take from 
the void in life,
For tries to fill this emptiness
Are making our life meaningless.
The empty void is the ideal.
Its drag we will no longer feel.
We'll soar as if on "eagle's wings".
"Reach out..." to where our spirit 'sings'.
"Ideal life" is most challenging;
But if we all the same 'song' sing
With our unique capacity,
This way of 
'God' gives liberty!
I wonder, will we turn the page;
Or will this be our Final Age?

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