Andie Bottrell • An Ode to Sun

this is an ode to the sunlight
which brightly shines
without asking permission
without being polite
just fucking shines
it shines in your eyes
it shines wherever it wants
sheds light
refuses to be contained
dimmed or molded
into something it's not
there is no discussion
there is no thought
it just keeps on shinning
day in and day out
it doesn't worry about
being misunderstood
or outshining the moon
and though some days it may
be obstructed by some
wayward blown clouds
it keeps doing it's thing
day in and day out
with consistency of character
and consistency of intensity
and consistency of schedule
shit's consistent
hasn't had a day off in
rises and falls
and gives its all
an echo for humanity
to pick up and follow
keep shining
keep shining
keep shining