Monica Youn▐ March of the Hanged Men

Wordle: monica youn march of the hanged men
Monica Youn
 March of the Hanged Men  

hyperarticulated giant black ants endlessly boiling out of a heaped-up hole
in the sand
such a flow of any other thing would mean abundance but these ants replay
a tape-loop vision
out of hell the reflexive the implacable the unreasoning rage whose only end
is in destruction
the way the dead-eyed Christ in Piero’s Resurrection will march right over
the sleeping soldiers
without pausing or lowering his gaze for he has no regard now for human
since that part of him boiled entirely away leaving only those jointed auto-
matic limbs
that will march forward until those bare immortal feet have pounded a path
through the earth
back down to hell because there is no stopping point for what is infinite
what cannot be destroyed

▐ from theparisreview

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